Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bohemian Wednesday - Valerie Mangum's Boho Interior - 05.22.2013

Last month, I took an awesome class called Interior Styling on Skillshare. The class was taught by the lovely Justina Blakeney, who's blog I absolutely adore. So, I knew, coming into the class that there would be a pretty high chance I would meet some people with outstanding taste. That definitely proved to be true when I saw Valerie Mangum's home and style. I just loved that she uses a lot of color and pattern in her decor.  Looking at her space just made me feel happy! So, I was thrilled when she agreed to share some of her tips and secrets with you all! Here are some pictures of her space.  Enjoy! Valerie answers some questions, after the jump!

{all images by Valerie Mangum}
p.s. can you believe this was the before picture of her bedroom?? I love it!

As promised... here is me picking Valerie's brain on her amazing style...

1. Where do you live (city)?  Fort Worth, Texas

2. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
Our living room is my favorite because it is long and open and leads into the kitchen, which i love.  It feels so spacious considering how small our home really is. My favorite feature of the living room is an old mantle with gas logs that we installed. We painted and tiled it and now it's my favorite place to style.  Especially during holidays!

3. How would you describe your home style?
I love eclectic, bohemian, vintage & modern decor... I think our home encompasses a bit of each.  Mostly I crave a bright, colorful, happy home that I feel inspired in.

4. Where are your "go to" places for home decor shopping?  
We have a fun flea market at the cattle barns here in Fort Worth.  Vintage shops, antique stores, and estate sales are a favorite of mine.  I used to want everything in my house to be vintage, but I've been more open to buying new.  I love Anthropologie and occasionally allow myself to splurge on something special from there (such as our hanging chair and curtains).  I'm a newbie to the Home Goods store as well, which is where I recently found my new coffee table ottoman.

5. What do you look for when you shop?  
I know right now brass is trendy and I'm in love with it!  I also love textiles, knick knacks, vintage kitchenware, planters, macrame, and unique lamps.  Coming home with a new find, even if it's tiny is enough for me to be inspired to clean and arrange things in a new way!

6. What is your best find?  I think my vintage peacock rug is my best find.  It was hidden away in an overpriced antique store, yet it was super cheap and gorgeous!  I'm so glad a corner of it caught my eye that day!

Thanks Valerie!! Your place is wonderful and I am so so happy you agreed to share your space with us!

Until tomorrow friends! A console interior styling DIY. So... stay tuned!



annton beate Schmidt said...

I have loved her style during class already, seeing it here now, makes me smile even more. thank you for sharing this!

Ms. Au Lait said...

Where did you get the red curtains??

Anonymous said...

hi mina,
thanks so much for featuring my home on your beautiful blog! your home is a huge inspiration to me, so having you acknowledge mine is truly an honor! annton, thank you for the compliment :)
ms. au lait, my curtains are from anthropologie, although i don't think they carry them anymore.
thanks again!! ~valerie

Mina said...

Thank you Valerie. The honor was mine. : ) Keep on rockin' it with your style. You are awesome at it!! : )